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    CML Pre-Release Notes: Automatically Train Models in the Cloud with CML 0.3.0
    New features are here to make launching cloud compute for continuous integration workflows shorter, sweeter and easier than ever. Plus, a new GitHub Action to setup CML means more ways to use CML without our Docker container.
    • Elle O'Brien
    • Feb 22, 20213 min read
    DVC 2.0 Pre-Release
    Today, we're announcing DVC 2.0 pre-release. We'll share lessons from our journey and how these will be reflected in the coming release.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • Feb 17, 202111 min read
    (Tab) Complete Any Python Application in 1 Minute or Less
    We've made a painless tab-completion script generator for Python applications! Find out how to take advantage of it in this blog post.
    • Casper da Costa-Luis
    • Jul 27, 20203 min read
    New Release: Continuous Machine Learning (CML) is CI/CD for ML
    Today we're launching Continuous Machine Learning (CML), a new open-source project for CI/CD with ML. Let's bring the power of DevOps to ML or MLOps.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • Jul 07, 20204 min read
    DVC 1.0 release: new features for MLOps
    Today we're releasing DVC 1.0 with new exciting features that users were waiting for ❤️. Find all the details in this blog post.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • Jun 22, 20207 min read
    DVC 3 Years 🎉 and 1.0 Pre-release 🚀
    Today, we've got three big announcements: 🎉 3rd-year anniversary of DVC, 🚀 DVC 1.0 pre-release is ready and ⭐ 5000 GitHub starts.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • May 04, 20205 min read