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Machine Learning

Instant Experiment Tracking: Just Add DVC!
Experiment tracking in DVC with a few lines of Python.
  • Dave Berenbaum
  • Dec 15, 20223 min read
Building a GitOps ML Model Registry with DVC and GTO
Got your data and model versioning down? ✅ Learn how to take your projects to the next level by creating a model registry right in your project's Git repo
  • Alexander Guschin
  • Dec 07, 20229 min read
Deploy ML models to k8s and SageMaker with a single line of code
MLEM takes the evil configs out of Kubernetes and SageMaker to make your life easier just in time for Halloween 🎃
  • Alexander Guschin
  • Oct 31, 20223 min read
Productionize your models with MLEM in a Git-native way
Introducing MLEM - one tool to run your models anywhere.
  • Alexander Guschin
  • Jun 01, 20225 min read
ML best practices in PyTorch dev conf 2018
In the Machine Learning (ML) field tools and techniques for best practices are just starting to be developed.
  • Dmitry Petrov
  • Oct 18, 20184 min read