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Building a GitOps ML Model Registry with DVC and GTO
Got your data and model versioning down? ✅ Learn how to take your projects to the next level by creating a model registry right in your project's Git repo
  • Alexander Guschin
  • Dec 07, 20229 min read
Iterative x Hacktoberfest 2022
Hacktoberfest is already started and waiting for new contributors!
  • Mert Bozkir
  • Oct 11, 20222 min read
September '22 Heartbeat
Monthly updates are here! Food for thought on Meta's Wikipedia fact checker and the EU AI Act, creating an artifact registry with GTO, MLOps course materials from DTU, a new O'Reilly course, and more! Welcome to September!
  • Jeny De Figueiredo
  • Sep 19, 202212 min read
Git-backed Machine Learning Model Registry to bring order to chaos
🚀 As Machine Learning projects and teams grow, keeping track of all the models and their production status gets increasingly complex. Iterative Studio's Git-backed Model Registry solves this.
  • Tapa Dipti Sitaula
  • Jul 26, 20224 min read
Productionize your models with MLEM in a Git-native way
Introducing MLEM - one tool to run your models anywhere.
  • Alexander Guschin
  • Jun 01, 20225 min read