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    The Road to Hell Starts with Good MLOps Intentions
    Why we believe extending best practices of software engineering to machine learning projects will streamline ML and AI development and keep all of us off the road to hell.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • Sep 07, 20214 min read
    Introducing DVC Studio
    🚀 We are excited to release DVC Studio, the online UI for DVC and CML. Use DVC Studio for ML versioning, visualization, teamwork and no-code automation on top of DVC and Git. Read all about the exciting features and watch videos to get started quickly.
    • Tapa Dipti Sitaula
    • Jun 02, 20214 min read
    DVC 2.0 Release
    Today is DVC 2.0 release day! Watch a video from DVC-team when we explain the new features and read more details in this blog post.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • Mar 03, 202114 min read
    DVC 2.0 Pre-Release
    Today, we're announcing DVC 2.0 pre-release. We'll share lessons from our journey and how these will be reflected in the coming release.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • Feb 17, 202111 min read
    New Release: Continuous Machine Learning (CML) is CI/CD for ML
    Today we're launching Continuous Machine Learning (CML), a new open-source project for CI/CD with ML. Let's bring the power of DevOps to ML or MLOps.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • Jul 07, 20204 min read
    DVC 1.0 release: new features for MLOps
    Today we're releasing DVC 1.0 with new exciting features that users were waiting for ❤️. Find all the details in this blog post.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • Jun 22, 20207 min read
    DVC 3 Years 🎉 and 1.0 Pre-release 🚀
    Today, we've got three big announcements: 🎉 3rd-year anniversary of DVC, 🚀 DVC 1.0 pre-release is ready and ⭐ 5000 GitHub starts.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • May 04, 20205 min read