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    Iterative Achieves SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance
    We are proud to announce our SOC 2 Type 1 compliance today. Here we reveal our top 5 learnings from the process.
    • Guro Bokum
    • Nov 08, 20224 min read
    Iterative x Hacktoberfest 2022
    Hacktoberfest is already started and waiting for new contributors!
    • Mert Bozkir
    • Oct 11, 20222 min read
    The Road to Hell Starts with Good MLOps Intentions
    Why we believe extending best practices of software engineering to machine learning projects will streamline ML and AI development and keep all of us off the road to hell.
    • Dmitry Petrov
    • Sep 07, 20214 min read
    What data scientists need to know about DevOps
    A philosophical and practical guide to using continuous integration (via GitHub Actions) to build an automatic model training system.
    • Elle O'Brien
    • Jul 16, 20209 min read
    Join the DVC Ambassador Program!
    We're launching our ambassador program for people all around the world to get involved in the DVC community.
    • Marcel Ribeiro-Dantas
    • May 08, 20205 min read
    Join DVC for Google Season of Docs 2020
    A call for writer applications for Google Season of Docs 2020.
    • Jorge Orpinel Pérez
    • Apr 30, 20206 min read
    New Video! 🎥 Reimagining DevOps for Machine Learning
    A talk about CI/CD with fuzzy animals.
    • Elle O'Brien
    • Mar 31, 20201 min read
    Join DVC for Google Summer of Code 2020
    A call for student applications for Google Summer of Code 2020.
    • Elle O'Brien
    • Feb 04, 20204 min read for Hacktoberfest 2019
    Our favorite month of the year Hacktoberfest is already in full swing and we at are so excited to be a part of it!
    • Svetlana Grinchenko
    • Oct 08, 20193 min read